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Welcome to Breathworks Teachers who have completed their training.  Here you can find out more about the requirements, benefits and maintainance of accreditation and how to pay your annual accreditation subscription. 

If you are a prospective student, a registered student in the programme Pre-2018 or a registered student in the programme 2018+, please choose from one of the following options:

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Breathworks Accredited Teachers Information Sections

  1. Who are Accredited Breathworks Mindfulness Teachers 
  2. Requirements for Accreditation
  3. Benefits of Accreditation
  4. Maintaining Accreditation
  5. Apply for Accreditation
  6. Annual Accreditation Subscription
  7. Supervision
  8. Facebook Group for Students & Teachers
  9. Network of Breathworks Teachers
  10. Breathworks Programme Research
  11. Breathworks Foundation
  12. Newsletter Sign Up

  Who are Accredited Breathworks Mindfulness Teachers?

Breathworks Mindfulness Teachers have completed the Breathworks Training Programme and been accredited by Breathworks to run both of our signature 8-week courses, Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress.

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Requirements for Accreditation

Before accreditation you will have:

  • Adhered to the UK Network Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers and a Breathworks Code of Conduct
  • Successfully completed introductory and advanced levels of our Teacher Training programme
  • Supported a Breathworks course (post Jan 2018 TTi trainees)
  • Completed a Mindful Movement weekend
  • Completed all diaries and reviewed them with your personal mentor (or a trainer if you completed TTi before Jan 2018)
  • Run your own practice course or co-led a Breathworks course to apply skills learned in training between introductory and advanced level training
  • Discussed accreditation with your Breathworks personal mentor (or a trainer if you completed TTi before Jan 2018), based on the outcomes of your training and application of skills 

You’ll be ac­cred­ited in the Breathworks Approach, able to run our two sig­na­ture 8-week courses, Mind­ful­ness for Health (MfH) and Mind­ful­ness for Stress (MfS).


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Benefits of Accreditation

All accredited Breathworks Mindfulness Teachers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to and use of curriculum and all related materials for the Mindfulness for Health and/or Mindfulness for Stress courses, with free curriculum updates when available
  • A free listing of contact information on the Breathworks website
  • Use of the Breathworks name and logo for marketing purposes
  • 10% discount on all Breathworks Continuing Professional Development events
  • 25% discount on all Breathworks study materials

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Maintaining Accreditation

Once accredited, Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher are expected to pay an annual fee to maintain accreditation. In addition, they must do the following:

In order to continue to deepen your own mindfulness practice you are expected to attend one 5-7 day residential, silent, teacher-led retreat each year. Longer retreats allow a deeper sense of stillness and silence, providing more space to be with the fullness of your experience as its emerging. This kind of space is difficult to find in our day to day lives, which is why longer, silent retreats are so critical for mindfulness teachers. If your life circumstances (for example, raising young children or caring for an elderly parent) make it difficult for you to meet this expectation, please contact the office so we can discuss your option.

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 Apply for Accreditation

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Annual Accreditation Fee

The accreditation fee is part of Breathworks teachers CPD (continual professional development). It allows us to maintain your accreditation, organise events for our teachers and provide teaching resources. It also allows access to a range of information and networking opportunities to assist you in your role.

In order to ensure that your annual accreditation fee goes directly to supporting activities that benefit accredited teachers, all fees will go directly to Breathworks CIC, rather than the Breathworks Foundation. In order to maintain accreditation, all teachers are expected to pay this fee on an annual basis.

Annual accreditation fee £80 - click image below to pay accreditation fee:

Alternatively a standing order by contacting the Breathworks office t: 0161 834 1110

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Supervision for Teachers

On-going mindfulness supervision is an important part of the good practice requirements for teachers of mindfulness-based courses. All of our supervisors meet the good practice guidelines for supervisors developed by the UK Network of Mindfulness Teacher Training Organisations. We offer mindfulness-based supervision specifically for Breathworks accredited teachers and those who are in our training programme.

To book a supervision session please click here.

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 Facebook Group for Students & Teachers

If you are on Facebook, hopefully you are already a member of the Breathworks Students and Teachers Facebook Group.  The group is designed to be a forum to keep in touch with other Breathworks teachers and students, share best-practice, ask or offer support - for instance if you want to support a course, offer a lift to a training etc. Breathworks CIC will also from time to time let you know about training and CPD events that may be of interest to you.  To join this group please click here to be taken to the request to join page.  Please note you will need a facebook account in order to request to join. Once we receive your request we will cross check your name against our database and approve as appropriate.  If you don't use your usual name on Facebook, please do inform us -

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Network of Breathworks Teachers

As a Breathworks teacher you are part of a growing and developing community of over 336 accredited teachers in over 24 countries.  You can find other teachers by location here.

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Breathworks Teachers Map Last Update March 17

 Breathworks Programme Research

At Breathworks, we aim to continually evaluate the clinical effects of our mindfulness-based pain management programme (MBPM) and to maintain an ongoing programme of research partnerships and collaborations. To find out more about our findings and partnership opportunities, please explore here.

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 The Breathworks Foundation

The Breathworks Foundation is a registered charity whose mission is:

*To advance the education of the public in mindfulness-based activities.
*To undertake research into mindfulness-based activities and to publish the useful results there of.
*To relieve mental or physical suffering by the provision of mindfulness based activities.

To find out more or make a donation please click here.

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 Newsletter Sign Up

The Breathworks newsletter is a weekly newsletter showcasing interesting articles, interviews, guided meditations, latest research and important events. If you haven't already signed up please click here.

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