Keeping it Real: The Power of Personal Story-Telling in Mindfulness Teaching

Keeping it Real - Personal Story Telling in Mindfulness Practice Singhashri Gazmuri


The American education reformer Parker Palmer has said that "good teaching cannot be reduced to technique, but relies entirely on the identity and integrity of the teacher." Each of our personal stories is unique to us, and yet hold universal truths about the power of awareness and love. But often we take our own stories for granted. How can we continue to connect with and share our own journey as mindfulness practitioners in ways that inspire, motivate and engage our course participants? We'll spend a bit of time reflecting on and sharing our personal stories, what we've learned and how we've changed as our practice has deepened. Then we'll explore powerful ways to draw from and share our own insights in our teaching.

Led by: Singhashri TT PagesSinghashri Gazmuri

5-7pm, Wednesday 29th May

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