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Frequently Asked Questions


Anyone who is interested in teaching mindfulness for people with pain, illness or stress is welcome to apply for our training. Some people may want to teach the 8 week Breathworks courses while others may want to incorporate the Breathworks methods into their professional work.

To begin the Teacher Training you will need to have taken an 8-week mindfulness course, be familiar with the Breathworks programme, and have an established mindfulness practice of at least a year. For those beginning training from 2018 onward, if you have not been on retreat before, you will need to do so within 12 months of training with us. For more details please review our prerequisites for applying.

The Training Programme is designed to deepen your own mindfulness practice and develop your understanding of and skills in delivering the Mindfulness for Health and/or Mindfulness for Stress course curricula. The training provides an in depth exploration of:

  • One's own relationship to suffering and practice of mindfulness
  • The principles and practices of MBPM
  • The Mindfulness for Health and/or Mindfulness for Stress course curricula
  • Teaching the Breathworks Approach to people with pain, stress, and illness
  • Presenting Breathworks key concepts and facilitating group learning
  • Guiding meditation practices, enquiry and mindful movement
  • Supporting course participants in practising mindfulness in daily life

Training consists of five stages:

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Introductory Training  - an online Orientation Workshop and a TTi training event offered in both residential and non-residential formats or Breathworks for MBSR/MBCT teachers or Breathworks for Health Professionals
  3. Development of Skills – supporting a Breathworks course and doing a Mindful Movement weekend workshop
  4. Advanced Teacher Training – a TTa training event offered in both residential and non-residential formats
  5. Application of Skills – running a supervised Practice Course

Click here for a Training Overview and information about Training Pathways.

To get accredited, you must have:

  • Successfully completed introductory and advanced levels of our Teacher Training programme
  • Supported a Breathworks course (if you started training with us from January 2018 onward)
  • Completed a Mindful Movement weekend
  • Successfully completed all diaries and reviewed them with your supervisor/personal mentor
  • Passed your supervised practice course
  • Discussed accreditation with a member of the Breathworks training team/your personal mentor, based on the outcomes of your training and supervised practice course
  • Submitted a successful application for accreditation
  • Paid your accreditation fee

Click here for more information about accreditation.

Training fees are set at three different levels: organizational, individual and concessionary. The cost of participating includes training, accommodation, and materials.

Click here for a detailed breakdown of training fees for 2017.

Click here for a detailed breakdown of training fees for those doing TTi from January 2018 onward.

We offer a number of pathways to introduce you to the Breathworks approach to mindfulness (MBPM), support you in establishing a regular mindfulness practice and prepare you for Breathworks training.

Our courses can be accessed through face-to-face, distance learning or by attending intensive residential or non-residential events. We aim to find the best way for your particular circumstances so whether or not there is a course near you, whether you are able bodied or not, whether you prefer gradual, weekly or intensive learning, Breathworks has a course that enables you to prepare for our training.

We can devise a course to meet the specific needs of a group or organisation, for example staff at an NHS Trust. Contact us on 0161 834 1110 or email info@breathworks.co.uk for more information.

We have many accredited teachers around the world making a living, or part of their living, teaching our courses. Some of our teachers are now working as mindfulness teachers within the NHS, or with other organizations. Many Breathworks teachers incorporate mindfulness teaching into their work or run courses in their workplace. Others set up their own business. Setting up your own business is always hard work, but it is possible and we can help. The promotions pack includes access to the Breathworks brand, logo, and corporate font, as well as images. And becoming an accredited teacher means you can connect with other teachers for marketing ideas.

As a member of the UK Network of Mindfulness-based Teacher Training Organisations, we offer training that is recognised for listing as a recognised mindfulness teacher. In order to be included on the listing, teachers must meet certain criteria, including having completed a training programme of no less than 1 year.

The stages of training are:

  • Prerequisites
  • Introductory Training  - an online Orientation Workshop and a TTi training event offered in both residential and non-residential formats or Breathworks for MBSR/MBCT teachers or Breathworks for Health Professionals
  • Development of skills – Supporting a Breathworks course (if you started training with us from January 2018 onward) and doing a Mindful Movement weekend workshop
  • Advanced Teacher Training – a TTa training event
  • Application of skills – leading a supervised Practice Course

We strongly encourage you to take time after each stage in your journey with us (but not more than 2 years between each stage). This space between training stages will support you to reflect on what you've learned, continue to deepen your own mindfulness practice, and integrate the Breathworks approach and practices into your life, work, and personal practice. We know from personal experience that this takes time.

There are many good reasons for you to train as a mindfulness teacher with Breathworks, and here are just a few:
  • Breathworks has unique and extensive expertise in mindfulness based pain and stress management. We teach mindfulness and compassion to transform people’s experience of living with pain, fatigue and long term health conditions, as well as stress, anxiety, and emotional pain. We have hundreds of accredited teachers, representing an enormous wealth of experience and knowledge, and decades of running courses, training events, and workshops.
  • A large proportion of our teachers and trainers have come into Breathworks through their own experience of pain, health conditions, anxiety, stress or difficulty, means that they are teaching from their own experience of the transformative effect of mindfulness and compassion.
  • We emphasise compassion as well as mindfulness and cognitive strategies in our courses – compassion is explicit in our meditation practices and teaching input from the outset - which makes a huge difference in how people are able to respond to their own pain, anxiety and difficulties. In contrast, approaches such as MBCT and MBSR tend to focus on mindfulness and cognitive strategies, where compassion is implicit.
  • Breathworks has long experience as a leader in the secular mindfulness field, both offering mindfulness courses to the public and teacher training, with an emphasis on experiential rather than academic styles of learning.