Buddhist Roots

Date(s): Thursday 28 July 2016 Time: to
Teacher/Trainer(s): Gary Hennessey
Price: £200
Concessions: £150
Organisations: £240

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Location Details:
Manchester Buddhist Centre
16-20 Turner Street
M4 1DZ


Suitable for: Accredited teachers, student in the training program.

Dates: Thursday 28th to Friday 29th July 2016

Led by: Gary Hennessey (AKA Ratnaguna) - Founding Director of Breathworks

Venue: Manchester Buddist Centre

In this two day seminar Gary will explore some of the Buddha's teachings and practices that are the basis of 'secular' mindfulness. Specifically, we'll look at:

  • the Buddha's description of the practice of mindfulness - of the body, breath, feelings, thoughts, and mind
  • his analysis of suffering in terms of the 'two arrows' - what we call Primary and Secondary Suffering
  • the process that leads to mental proliferation - papanca - which results in unnecessary suffering
  • The Buddha's teaching on loving kindness - including the loving kindness meditation, which is the basis of the meditations on compassion, celebratory love, and equanimity
  • The characteristics of conditioned existence - impermanence, insubstantiality, and un-satisfactoriness

Gary Hennessey is Breathworks Head of Training and also a Buddhist teacher and writer. He lived and worked at a Buddhist study retreat centre for eight years, leading many seminars on Buddhists texts, and is the author of The Art of Reflection. He has recently finished a new book - Great Faith, Great Wisdom - a commentary on three Mahayana Buddhist texts, which will be published in March of this year.

Cost: £240 professional rate / £200 standard rate / £150 concessionary rate

There is a 10% discount for Breathworks student members and accredited teachers.

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