Mindfulness and Compassion for Health Masterclass: The Mystery of Embodiment

Date(s): Friday 27 May 2016 Time: to
Teacher/Trainer(s): Vidyamala Burch

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Location Details:
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Trinity Street


This one day Masterclass is suitable for MBSR/MBCT students and teachers but also for people coming for personal reasons.

In this masterclass Vidyamala will share some of the mindfulness and compassion approaches she has developed at Breathworks – one of the leading mindfulness teacher training organisations in the UK, specialising in mindfulness and compassion for pain, stress and illness.

Living well with a painful body, whether the pain is caused by physical or emotional circumstances, rests upon a fundamental and mysterious paradox: it is only by residing ever more deeply in the body - the very place from which you want to escape - that you can find peace.

This day will be a mix of:

  • Experiential exercises such as in-depth breath awareness and body scanning exercises
  • Input on the physiology of breathing
  • Input on the science of mindfulness and compassion and how to stimulate the 'calm-and-connect' emotional regulation systems of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Vidyamala Burch discovered meditation when she was taught a visualization exercise by a hospital chaplain in 1985 after seriously injuring her spine. This stimulated a great curiosity about the power of the mind and heart as a tool she could harness to help her manage the pain and disability she experienced due to her spinal disability. In 2003 she co-founded Breathworks, a Community Interest Company focused on offering courses and teacher training in mindfulness and compassion. There are now Breathworks' trainers in over 25 countries.

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