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Image of Colette Power - Breathworks Associate

Colette Power

I'm a senior mindfulness teacher, trainer and supervisor with Breathworks CIC. I’ve taught Breathworks Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress courses since 2010. I also teach MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction), Mindfulness in the Workplace Programmes and am trained to deliver Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). I'm an accredited trained teacher of Mindful Self Compassion (MSc, The Centre for Mindful Self Compassion), and I'm working towards full teacher certification. I’m also trained to deliver .b (Foundations) programmes (Mindfulness in Schools Project MiSP). I deliver this range of MBI's across a variety of contexts, e.g. education, health and the business sector. I lead on Breathworks teacher-training retreats and I'm employed as a member of Breathworks Programme Planning Team.


  • PhD, Liverpool University
  • MA Women's Studies, Liverpool University
  • Diploma in Person Centred Counselling. City of Liverpool Community College
  • Certificate in Education. John Moores University, Liverpool 

Teaching-Training Specialisms

  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (general populations)
  • Mindful Self Compassion and Mindfulness-based Interventions with significant emphasis on compassion/self-compassion (general populations)
  • Breathworks' Mindfulness for Stress and Mindfulness for Health

Supervision Experience

I have supervised people delivering a range of mindfulness-based interventions across a range of contexts for the last three years. I have attended CMRP training in mindfulness supervision.

Supervision Specialisms

  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (general populations)
  • Mindfulness-based Interventions with significant emphasis on compassion/self-compassion
  • Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress and Mindfulness for Health

Personal Practice

I've had a consistent personal meditation practice for the last 10 years and been part of a dharma study group for the last three years. My foundational practices are the Mindfulness of Breathing, just sitting, the Metta Bhavana, and a variety of self-compassion practices. I love devotional practices and being close to nature. I've attended retreats over the last 10 years with Christina Feldman, Martin Aylward, Leela Sarti, Yanai Postelnik, Kristen Kratz. I now practise within the Triratna Buddhist community. 

Research Activities and Interests

I am interested in making mindfulness and self-compassion practice sustainable. I deliver a range of events which are designed to support, deepen and inspire practice. I'm also interested in socially-engaged buddhism, seeking ways to apply the insights from meditation practice and dharma teachings to situations of social, political, environmental, and economic suffering and injustice. I also facilitate 'The Work That Reconnects,' Deep Ecology workshops based on the work of Joanna Macy. 

Further Information

Colette's website -

Image of MJ Stephens - Breathworks Associate

MJ Stephens

I am a Buddhist and have worked at the Manchester Buddhist centre since 1997. During that time I have enjoyed teaching many meditation and Buddhism classes. Hence I have been practicing Mindfulness for over 20 years, as I have very regular meditation practice.

I particularly enjoy teaching in group situations and since qualifying with Breathworks as an accredited Mindfulness teacher I have taught many of the Mindfulness for Stress courses.

Over the last 18 months I have seen many people benefit from these course and now have resources to work with their anxiety and stress. As well as being a Mindfulness teacher I am also an Alexander Technique Teacher. I trained in Kendal for 3 years and qualified in 2010. The Alexander Technique, known mostly as a technique to improve posture, is really all about mindfulness and becoming aware of our helpful and unhelpful postural habits. If we can use ourselves well we will function better, so mindfulness of our bodies as well as our minds will lead towards greater well being. So I enjoy using my AT skills combined with the Breathworks material. Its a recipe for success and offers very practical ways forward.

 Image of Joy Reeves - Breathworks Associate

Joy Reeves

I have been involved with Breathworks for over 8 years, I started my journey because I have a Chronic degenerative back and neck condition myself, I am now a trainer and associate of Breathworks, teaching classes and one to one with people with many and varied problems, in their live.

My life has been transformed by Breathworks and I feel that it is my responsibility to enable others to improve the quality of their lives. I lived from my bed to the settee when I started this Journey with Breathworks, now I work all over the country, as well as supporting the on line course with people throughout the world. Helping them to enable themselves to realise that life is for living moment to moment and if you are coping at this moment that's all you have to worry about, and Kindness is like a smile it starts with you if you are in a good place and happy it helps and affects so many people round you. and so it is the most unselfish way to live your life, if these few words ring true for you please contact me and I will do my best to help you.

Image of Ann (Bodhaniya) Bruton - Breathworks Associate

Ann (Bodhaniya) Bruton

I trained with Breathworks in 2006, and have been running courses in Mindfulness for Health and Stress, in Birmingham UK and New Zealand. I am now supporting the on-line group courses.

I am a retired GP, and during my time in practice, I unfortunately met too many patients with chronic and painful conditions whom I felt unable to help as fully as I had wished. I am a practicing Buddhist, and I have been meditating for over 20 years. Running Breathworks courses brings together 2 important aspects of my life. Apart from the pleasure of seeing others respond to Mindfulness techniques, in the way we teach, I have been inspired and helped by all the courses I have run.

Image of Bart Upeshadaka Van den Berghe - Breathworks Associate

Bart Upekshadaka Van den Berghe

Bart Upekshadaka has been the first to bring Breathworks to Belgium. Since 2009 he has been very active in setting up Breathworks and giving Breathworks courses under the name

Image of Fidelma Farley - Breathworks Associate

Fidelma Farley

Fidelma has been teaching Breathworks courses and workshops since 2008, to individuals with conditions ranging from back pain to neuropathic pain, to M.E. and fibromyalgia, to Motor Neurone Disease, and to groups with M.S. and M.E., as well as people with stress, anxiety, and anyone interesting in enhancing their quality of life.

Her mindfulness practice has enhanced and transformed her life and her teaching stems from a desire for others to have the opportunity to experience the same benefits. As well as the Mindfulness for Health and Stress courses, Fidelma has developed a Mindful Eating workshop, and a five week course on the Loving Kindness practice. She also works regularly with people on an individual basis. Fidelma plans to introduce Breathworks training retreats and courses to Ireland in 2016. Her courses and workshops place a particular emphasis on kindness to oneself and others, and on creating a warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Image of Elaine Weatherley-Jones - Breathworks Associate

Elaine Weatherley-Jones

I’m a qualified Breathworks Mindfulness teacher and associate based in Sheffield. I’ve been practising mindfulness and other meditation practices for 15 years. I qualified as a teacher of Mindfulness with Breathworks, a Community Interest Company (CIC) based in Manchester, UK and have completed the Foundation module of the MSc in Mindfulness Based Approaches with Bangor University.

I’ve done further training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy with the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre and I engage in regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and clinical supervision. I have led and assisted in teaching Mindfulness 8-week courses in Sheffield, Manchester and Bangor. I am registered as a Mindfulness Teacher on the “Be Mindful” website – a site owned by the Mental Health Foundation where you can find courses led by approved teachers. I am a Chartered Psychologist and adhere to the British Psychological Society’s code of ethics. I am currently extending my training so that I can, in the future, offer courses in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for depression. I practice according to to guidelines for good practice for teaching Mindfulness-based courses that are set out by the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainers. Read the guidelines here Good_Practice_Guidelines Nov 2011.

Image of Ingrid vd Hout - Breathworks Associate

Ingrid van den Hout

Ingrid van den Hout is connected to Breathworks as teacher, trainer and mentor/supervisor. She has longstanding experience as Vipassana meditator and as MBSR/MBCT teacher and educator. For further details about upcoming the Breathworks teacher training for MBSR/MBCT teachers in the Netherlands, you're invited to contact her by email.

Image of Vishvapani Blomfield - Breathworks Associate

Vishvapani Blomfield

I've been practising meditation and mindfulness since I was a teenager and teaching them for 20 years. In recent years I have taught over 50 eight week mindfulness courses, mainly in Cardiff, through Mindfulness in Action.

I mainly teach Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for people experiencing stress, anxiety and depression; but I also teach mindfulness in workplaces and 1:1. I've been a Breathworks trainer since 2007. I am a writer, editor and broadcaster, best known as the Buddhist contributor to Thought for the Day. I am also an Associate of The Mindfulness Initiative, working with the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group in Westminster on bringing mindfulness into public policy.

 Image of Andrea Cygler - Breathworks Associate

Andrea Cygler

Andrea Cygler is originally from Manchester but is now based in Liverpool. She is an experienced and well-qualified wellbeing practitioner who has taught and practiced complementary health, therapeutic touch, meditation and relaxation techniques, stress management and resiliency training for 20 years, working with all ages and diversities, all over Merseyside and the North West.

Although she had tried different forms of meditation over the years it was only after an 8 week Mindfulness course that her practice become sustainable, enjoyable and truly beneficial. She has trained as a Mindfulness teacher and qualified with Breathworks in 2014 . She has also done some MBSR training with Mindflow and is a qualified Mindfulness in Schools Instructor ( She teaches for Breathworks and also runs her own mindfulness courses and meditation sessions in Liverpool.

She does have a small private practice but her main focus is on group work and community projects and most of her work over the years has been within support services, adult learning services and the school environment.

She is committed to inspiring, enabling and supporting individuals in taking an active and integrative approach to their wellbeing, encouraging a deep understanding of the connection and relationship between body, mind and spirit and a mindfulness- based approach is now at the heart of all her work.

Image of Alison Purnell - Breathworks Associate

Alison Purnell

Growing from a professional background as an Occupational Therapist in Mental Health, I now specialise in Mindfulness Teaching.
I'm experienced in providing both Breathworks Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress courses in various NHS settings with service users, carers and staff across Dorset.

As a Breathworks Associate and Senior Trainer, I am involved with the Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher Training programs and offer Practice Course Supervision for trainees and ongoing supervision to our accredited teachers.

I'm also a Senior Counsellor for the Dorset Community Pain Service (DHUFT) where I lead Breathworks Mindfulness for Health programs for people living with chronic pain conditions. I enjoy my work, finding great encouragement in the transformative power of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion to reduce suffering, enabling real qualitative changes to take root and flourish.

Living with my family in Dorset; my daily personal mindfulness practice is grounded in the rich complexity of everyday life. My commitment to living practice is supported by ongoing supervision, CPD and regular meditation retreats.

I adhere to the Good Practice Guidance for Mindfulness Teachers (2011).

Image of Steve Johnson - Breathworks Associate

Steve Johnson

A health professional with many years experience teaching mindfulness. As a Breathworks Senior Trainer, I have been involved in training other teachers as well as developing special programmes for those on incapacity benefits and as part of a Targeted Mental Health in Schools (TAMHS) initiative.

I also teach specialist courses combining mindfulness and nature connectedness. As a doctoral researcher in the Faculty of Health and Science at the University of Cumbria I am investigating the benefit of connections with nature as part of a daily mindfulness practice.
I am a former military medic and an emergency care practitioner as well as Casualty Care coordinator of a Lake District mountain rescue team and a medic on adventure races. I am also a TRiM (trauma risk management - PTSD) assessor for Mountain Rescue and the Police.

I was UK delegate to the first Asia Pacific ICHPER (UN International Congress on Health, Physical Education and Recreation) Conference in Malaysia and I am one of the two UK members of the International Adventure Therapy Committee and am vice-chair of the Institute of Outdoor Learning Outdoor and Adventure Therapy Group. I have presented at conferences in the Czech Republic, London, Geneva and Johannesburg.

Image of Dharmakirti Zuazquita Breathworks Associate

Dharmakirti Zuazquita

Accredited Senior Breathworks Teacher Trainer with extensive experience of mindfulness and compassion practice and teaching. He is the founder and director of "Respira Vida Breathworks" (, based in Spain. Dharmakirti has trained with Breathworks since 2007. He has taught the standard 8 week MBPM programe all over the world, and led health professionals workshops and teacher training retreats during the last 10 years to several hundred people in Spain, England, Portugal, México and Argentina.

In 2012 he started running a Spanish language based "Respira Vida Breathworks teacher training programe". Dharmakirti has been practicing Mindfulness and compassion on a daily basis since 2001, and is an ordained member of the Triratna Buddhist Order, an international network dedicated to communicating Buddhist values in ways appropriate to the modern world. He has led and attended more than 60 mindfulness and compassion retreats. He is an accredited Ontologic Coach and co-creator of two "8 weeks programes": Mindfulness Based Communication & Relationship (MBCR) and "Transforming arrows into flowers". He is co-founder of Meditation and Science Association. And teacher of the Master of Mindfulness of the University of Zaragoza and Bodhiyoga Mindfulness Yoga School.


Image of Steve Smith - Breathworks Associate

Steve Smith

Following a career in the private sector as a personal development coach and counsellor, Steve has been teaching accredited mindfulness courses for over five years.  He is an Associate/Senior Trainer at Breathworks and is part of the Teacher Training Team.  He is also furthering his study at Bangor University - Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice working towards a Masters Degree in Teaching Mindfulness-based Teaching Approaches.

His first experience of mindfulness came while searching for a "cure" for his own chronic pain condition and he now uses mindfulness on a daily basis to help manage his own pain condition and the stresses and complexities of modern life.

Image of Caroline Martin - Breathworks Associate

Caroline Martin

I learned to meditate over 30 years ago and have had a regular, personal practice for almost 20 years. My background is in Psychology and Education and I am trained in group work and CBT, through previous employment with social care agencies. I am trained in a wide range of body-work practices, which also inform my mindfulness work.

I qualified as a Breathworks trainer in 2005 and was a member of the training team 2006-2010. I have returned to training teachers in 2017. Between 2005 and 2011, I provided many mindfulness for health and stress courses, day events and practice sessions in the South Wales area. I have developed and delivered work for carers and parents and have trained to deliver mindfulness in schools. More recently, I have delivered mindfulness training for health care professionals.

I am currently training in mindful, body-based psychotherapy (Hakomi). Where appropriate, I employ elements of body work and Hakomi skills in individual sessions, to support personal exploration, positive change and growth.

Image of Taravandana - Breathworks Associate teacher

Taravandana Lupson

Taravandana has practiced and taught mindfulness for 29 years both within Buddhist and secular settings. She worked in the NHS for 34 years as a Clinician (AHP), senior manager, OD and workforce lead within acute, primary care, mental health and strategic settings.

These days Taravandana runs her own business as a leadership and organisational development consultant and executive coach. She is an accredited (Breathworks) and UK registered Mindfulness Trainer and specialises in facilitating mindfulness programmes for NHS staff and senior leader including with the Kings Fund.

Dave Spencer

Dave Spencer

Dave Spencer is a Breathworks Trainer and Associate. He has practised and trained in mindfulness and meditation techniques for over fifteen years.

As well as his training with Breathworks, Dave has trained in several other mindfulness approaches. He holds a post-graduate certificate with distinction in Studies in Mindfulness from the University of Aberdeen and is an approved teacher with the UK Network of Mindfulness Teacher Training Organisations. He has also trained to teach mindfulness with The Mindfulness Association, and is trained and accredited with The Yoga Alliance to teach traditional yoga and meditation.

Dave's teaching is warm and accessible, with a particular focus on acceptance, kindness and compassion. He also teaches very popular independent workshops and courses throughout the UK and Europe.

Donna Brown

Donna Brown

I started practising mindfulness in 2008 having been introduced to it when I was suffering with Stress and Anxiety in the work environment; the stress led to physical ill-health and pain. I believe that had I known about mindfulness earlier I wouldn't have become ill. 

Having experienced first-hand the benefits of mindfulness in reducing the mental and physical effects of stress, I decided to train as a mindfulness teacher. Mindfulness helps you to handle anxiety and pain much better and feel more confident in stressful situations. All the benefits that you have read about mindfulness are true - I can attest to that - that's why I am passionate about teaching and sharing this knowledge.

I trained as a mindfulness teacher with Breathworks and have subsequently completed training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive therapy with Bangor University and a Masters Mindfulness class with Oxford University.

I run courses around the tri-counties area of East Berkshire, North Hampshire and West Surrey (Camberley, Farnham, Yateley, Aldershot, Crowthorne etc.) and via Skype. If you would like to know more then please visit my website at

Keith Harvey

Keith Harvey

Keith has been meditating for over 15 years and is interested in the secular applications of mindfulness practice for individuals, in the workplace and in schools. He is especially interested in the use of mindfulness to build resilience in the face of life's challenges and as a way of enriching everyday experience – in other words, to counter the damaging and limiting effects of stress, habit and negative patterns of thinking.

 In recent years Keith has also started to explore the spiritual and creative dimensions of mindfulness. In other areas of work, Keith is a person-centred counsellor and qualified counselling supervisor, with experience of working as a therapist in schools, the NHS, with homeless young people, and with the LGBT community.

Keith is qualified to run the two signature Breathworks courses – Mindfulness for Stress, Mindfulness for Health – but also designs and teaches bespoke mindfulness courses to groups and individuals.