London Mindfulness Teachers

Mindfulness London Teacher Singhashri Gazmuri

Singhashri Gazmuri, Programme Director & Senior Trainer, Breathworks

I have been a devoted mindfulness and meditation practitioner for over 15 years. My professional background includes youth work, strategic planning, change management, and teaching and training programme development. I have been working as programme director at Breathworks for the past three years, delighting in the opportunity to use my experience and skills to help grow and develop Breathworks. My favourite part of the job is supporting students in the training programme to bring more and more of themselves into their mindfulness practice and teaching. I believe that all people, given the right conditions and supports, can learn to thrive.

  London Mindfulness Tacher Bodhilila - Breathworks

Bodhilila has been meditating and practising mindfulness for 27 years. She is a fully accredited Breathworks mindfulness trainer as well as a qualified counsellor, teacher and massage therapist. She worked for many years as a classical musician and more recently worked as a nursery manager. Since January 2012 she has worked at the West London Buddhist Centre where she teaches meditation, mindfulness and Buddhism and helps to run the centre. She regularly leads retreats for the WLBC and at Taraloka womens retreat centre.


 Mindfulness London Teacher Pasqual - BreathworksPascual Quiles: My first contact with a Breathworks course was in Spain in 2012 and immediately became excited about it, due to the potential mindfulness has to help me develop as an individual. After, I started working with Dharmakirti at Respiravida-Breathworks and enrolled in the Teacher Training Programme which I finished in the UK in 2014.I feel privileged to have helped run these courses that benefit so many people and improve their lives. Since 2014 I have been facilitating courses at the West London Buddhist Centre and in Valencia. I have also participated in several workshops for palliative caring in Spain & Slovakia, as well as working as a PA to people suffering from MS and chronic pain in London.

Mindfulness London Teacher Mariangela - BreathworksMariangela Towner has been meditating for 40 years. She has an MA in Fine Art and many years 

experience teaching art to adults and young people. She has applied mindfulness techniques to her art teaching and personal art practice.

As the mother of two adult children she is aware of and particularly interested in how the individual benefits of mindfulness practice extend into family life and relationships in general.
Mariangela is an accredited mindfulness teacher with Breathworks and now teaches MFS and MFH courses at the West London Buddhist Centre.

Mindfulness London Teacher Tina Stallard  Tina Stallard is an accredited mindfulness teacher.  She trained with Breathworks and has carried out additional training with Bangor University and the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.  She teaches Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress courses and is also a qualified yoga teacher.  She has a deeply rooted meditation practice and attends meditation retreats and courses regularly.  Tina’s teaching is based on strong communication skills, which she developed during a twenty-year career as a television journalist and filmmaker at the BBC, and at City University as a lecturer in broadcast journalism.  Her work has given her a deep insight into the stress and challenges people can face both in the workplace and at home, and how mindfulness can help.            

Mindfulness London Teacher Sophie Matthew - Breathworks Sophie Matthew: I am an accredited Mindfulness teacher with Breathworks and very much enjoy teaching both Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress courses. I have had a strong personal meditation practice since 2011 and attend regular retreats.

I live with chronic pain and found the Breathworks approach to be transformative in my own life. I have seen the huge benefits that it brings to both pain and stress and I am, therefore, really delighted to be able to share it with others. I worked in the charity sector (largely homelessness) before focussing on training in and teaching mindfulness. I am also interested in how mindfulness can help with parenting, from pregnancy to teenagers.

Like all Breathworks teachers I adhere to the UK Network for Mindfulness Teachers Good Practice Guidelines and am committed to keeping my training up to date. I also teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses and am currently doing a Masters in Teaching Mindfulness Based Approaches at the Centre for Mindfulness Practice and Research at Bangor University. I am also a qualified teacher with the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

Mindfulness London Teacher Karen Liebenguth - BreathworksKaren Liebenguth is an accredited Mindfulness teacher. She has trained with Breathworks and teaches 8-week Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress courses. She has been practicing mindfulness and mindfulness meditation for nine years and feels passionate about helping others experience the benefits of a mindfulness practice. Karen is also a qualified Life Coach, a certified Myers Briggs Personality Type (MBTI) facilitator and Focusing Practitioner.

She set up her own livelihood Green Space Coaching & Mindfulness in 2008 and has been offering coaching to private and organisational clients to foster personal development and wellbeing. Karen specialises in 'coaching while walking' in London's parks and green space because she believes that it is in nature where insight, change and creativity can happen most naturally.
In more recent years she has been developing and offering tailored mindfulness workshops and courses for the workplace to help employees better deal with stress and anxiety. Karen is a member of the UK Association for Coaching and Breathworks-Mindfulness UK.

Image of Benedict Hoff - Breathworks Accredited TeacherBen Hoff: I started practising mindfulness meditation around 15 years ago but only discovered the Breathworks approach when I suffered a severe relapse of M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2012 which left me bed/wheelchair-bound and in need of full-time care. Whilst there were many aspects to my recovery, this model of mindfulness was one of the most important and it continues to support me in staying well.

I felt inspired to train as a Breathworks teacher so I could share the practice with other people suffering from stress, pain and chronic health conditions, and so my teaching very much comes from the heart.

Earlier this year I set up Hackney Mindfulness with the aim of providing low-cost Breathworks courses to the diverse communities of Hackney and I have recently taken up an honorary researcher position within the Department of Geography at Sheffield University where I’m researching on mindfulness, curiosity and urban space.

In my other ‘lives’ I work as a health trainer with SPECTRA, and volunteer as a trainee integrative therapist at the West London Centre for Counselling.

Image of Donna Brown - Breathworks Accredited TeacherDonna Brown: I started practising mindfulness in 2008 having been introduced to it when I was suffering with Stress and Anxiety in the work environment; the stress led to physical ill-health and pain. I believe that had I known about mindfulness earlier I wouldn't have become ill.

Having experienced first-hand the benefits of mindfulness in reducing the mental and physical effects of stress, I decided to train as a mindfulness teacher. Mindfulness helps you to handle anxiety and pain much better and feel more confident in stressful situations. All the benefits that you have read about mindfulness are true - I can attest to that - that's why I am passionate about teaching and sharing this knowledge.

I trained as a mindfulness teacher with Breathworks and have subsequently completed training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive therapy with Bangor University and a Masters Mindfulness class with Oxford University.

I run courses around the tri-counties area of East Berkshire, North Hampshire and West Surrey (Camberley, Farnham, Yateley, Aldershot, Crowthorne etc.) and via Skype. If you would like to know more then please visit my website at

Image of Katy Owen - Breathworks Accredited TeacherAlongside her day job, Katy Owen has been promoting the benefits of mindfulness to hundreds of staff across the civil service since 2014 and became an accredited mindfulness teacher with Breathworks in 2015.  


Image of Sarah Campbell - Breathworks Accredited TeacherSarah Campbell
has benefitted hugely from practicing meditation and mindfulness for over 12 years, and enjoys supporting others to learn these skills. In the last few years, she has taught mindfulness to over 400 people through leading retreats, courses, workshops and classes.

She holds degrees in Literature and Anthropology, and is particularly interested in the role the imagination can play in helping us to engage creatively with our felt experience.

Sarah has considerable experience of working with vulnerable people; her background is in research and political advocacy for women's rights, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants.