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Internal Evaluations of our Mindfulness-based Pain Management Programmes

At Breathworks we aim to continually evaluate the clinical effects of our mindfulness-based pain management programme, and to maintain an ongoing programme of research partnerships and collaborations.  Details of results and published studies are listed below.

2017 Course Evaluations

We are currently in the process of analysing recent data from both our 'Mindfulness for Health' and 'Mindfulness for Stress' courses and have been presented with some very promising results, finding further health benefits to those already established in our 2010 executive summary.

pdf2017 Mindfulness for Health Evaluations.pdf

pdf2017 Mindfulness for Stress Evaluations.pdf


2018 Course Evaluations

pdf2018 Mindfulness for Stress Evaluations

Evidence of Success - Executive Summary (2010)

  • Breathworks Executive Summary: Living Well Programmes - Mindfulness Approaches to Health and Wellbeing
    PDF download or HTML

Further documents can be read in conjunction with the Executive Summary:

  • Article 1. The evidence base for mindfulness based interventions for chronic pain
    PDF download or HTML
  • Article 2. Mindfulness - definitions and description of its role in clinical settings
    PDF download or HTML
  • Article 3. The distinction between mindfulness and other psychological therapies for the treatment of chronic pain
    PDF download or HTML
  • Article 4. Table of quantitative evidence
    PDF download or HTML

The full powerpoint of our research is also available as PDF download.