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Cate Clark

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I’m a senior trainer, teacher and supervisor for Breathworks CIC. As a senior trainer I have been working with the Breathworks training team since 2009. I specialise in the Mindfulness for Health teaching programme, face to face, online and one to one.


  • B.Ed Joint Honours Art and Education, London University

Teaching-Training Specialisms

  • Breathworks Mindfulness for Health
  • Mindfulness for Health Professionals
  • Mindfulness and Compassion 

Supervision Experience

I have been supervising for three years, both existing teachers and those in training. It’s something I enjoy, I find it interesting to engage with others in their own processes of learning.

Personal Practice

I have been meditating for 10 years, initially using the Breathworks practices. Since 2007 I have been meditating with Triratna Buddhist Community, in particular the Mindfulness of Breathing, Metta Bhavana and Just Sitting practices. I am a very regular meditator I find meditation to be an essential part of my day, I gain a lot from these practices. I have been leading droping meditations for the Manchester Buddhist Centre on a regular basis for over a year. I go on retreat two or three times every year and a highlight this year was a two week solitary retreat in Spain.

Research Activities and Interests

Since coming to Breathworks in 2006 I have been impressed by the ongoing research that is part of the programmes I teach. I am particularly interested in Mindfulness and Compassion, and ways to keep the practices taught sustainable in the medium and long term. I worked for many years as a commissioned environmental artist, my inspiration since childhood has been the natural world and our heartfelt relationship to it. I now enjoy doing my own artwork using a wide range of materials.

City located

Marsden (West Yorkshire)

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