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Mindfulness Training for the NHS

Breathworks is a social enterprise and industry leader in delivering mindfulness based pain and illness management (MBPM) courses and teacher training since 2001.

Mindfulness for Health Book Image and Award LogoWe offer a comprehensive, in-depth, scientifically up to date and user-friendly approach to help people living with chronic pain, long term conditions and stress live happier and healthier lives. Our book 'Mindfulness for Health' by our co-founder Vidyamala Burch was awarded 1st prize in the 2014 British Medical Association Medical Book awards in the category of clinical books aimed at the general public. 

Alongside our well-established courses for Health Professionals and teacher training programme, we also run bespoke programmes that can deliver both courses and teacher training tailor made to suit your organisational needs at on and off-site locations. These programmes will include ways staff can establish a personal mindfulness and compassion practice of their own as well as ways to begin to introduce mindfulness and compassion into their work with patients or clients. Training can be provided across a full pathway from initial practitioner to fully accredited and supervised teacher levels.

With sickness absence amongst NHS staff costing £2 Billion per annum, our mindfulness workshops and teacher training are a long-term, low cost solution that can help reduce these figures.

How Mindfulness Can Benefit Nursing Practice - May 2016

Breathworks has recently had an article published in the Nursing Times, you can view the full PDF article here or visit the Nursing Times website here.

We have run courses and teacher training on-site with some of the following clients:

  • South Tees NHS Foundation Trust
  • North East London Foundation Trust
  • Preston Pain Management Team
  • The Walton Pain Management Centre, Liverpool
  • Bath Pain Services
  • Royal Glamorgan Hospital

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A more detailed list of some of our clients and partners is available here.

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Good Practice Guidelines and UK Network of Mindfulness Teachers

Our training organisation is a founding member of the UK Network of Mindfulness-based Teacher Training Organisations. Our teachers and trainers adhere to the Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers and Trainers, that have become the industry standard for the highest level of good practice. Breathworks' founder Vidyamala Burch gave the keynote address at the health enquiry session of the APPG Mindful Nation UK Report launched in October 2015, Breathworks is featured on the Mindfulness Initiative Website as a recommended training organisation. 


We would love to have the opportunity to discuss how mindfulness could benefit both health professionals and patients alike in your organisation.

To discuss possibilities or for more information please email our office or phone 0161 834 1110.

Social Value Quality Mark Level 3Mindfulness as a Healthcare Intervention - Read more here

Scheduled workshops for Healthcare Professionals - Read more here

Breathworks Teacher training programme - Read more here


Research studies on the Breathworks programme have shown significant improvements in the self-management of pain and LTCs sustained for years after taking part in the programme - Long 2016 and Doran 2014.  Mindfulness is increasingly being seen as an important non-pharmacological option for pain relief, that can work either as an alternative or a supplement to medication as outlined in this article in the Journal of the American Medical Assocaition.


"The event was a great success and all staff found the session extremely useful (and of course relaxing!)"

"Thank you so much for a wonderful day. The afternoons venue was also amazing !! Everyone had a very positive day"

"You were both very welcoming and wish to thank you both for investing a lot of time preparing for the day that was not only memorable but will help us improve our clinical practice and our own wellbeing"

Greater Manchester West (GMW) Mental Health Foundation Trust

An NHS Trust commissioner conducted a comprehensive review of the mindfulness teacher training options in 2015, and concluded that Breathworks was the best teacher training option for the following reasons:

• Breathworks allow us to use of their international products, which seem to be quality approaches and frameworks relevant to health care (BMA 1st prize winning)
• would save us reinventing the wheel by designing our own and having them peer reviewed
• we can cite their logo and accreditation alongside our own
• we would save time and resource using their course frameworks at least as a springboard then developing our own over time if we wished
• we could most definitely charge for attendance at the pain management, stress management and applied mindfulness groups and I think we would have good uptake
• good value and mixed learning would support those with limited experience or confidence